Bullying continues to present problems to schools causing absenteeism amongst students, stress to both students and teaching staff, insecurity between students and parents, and by extension, between teachers and parents. It also affects the academic performance of students and often results in isolation, exclusion, insecurity and depression.

It can be caused for a variety of reasons but students cite the following as being the most common reasons for bullying:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Colour of skin
  • Look
  • Disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Place of birth
  • Accent

Let’ B Safe will work with the bully, the victims of bullying and the bystanders to reduce incidents of bullying. We will do so by teaching students to empathise with the victims of bullying and use exercises to display this. Through drama we will outline how a student and indeed bystanders become safer once incidents of bullying are reported. We will also attempt to reduce such incidents by displaying the long term affects that bullying has on the bully and in doing so will attempt to reduce the numbers that subsequently receive criminal convictions.

We will also assist the victims of bullying by empowering them to take necessary action. We are aware of the implications that a victim suffers. Depression and anxiety and health complaints are common traits displayed and in extreme cases psychological damage can be caused. Let’s B Safe will work with these students and provide guidance, support and assistance.

Let’s B Safe also works with the bystanders and encourages a culture that does not accept bullying as being acceptable behaviour. We encourage these students to be empowered in dealing with such situations thus creating a safe environment for all.

Our techniques to date have received favourable responses and in many cases have dramatically reduced incidents of bullying.


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