Described as an” abnormal fear of or anxiety about technology and its affects.”

Sound familiar. So many parents, teachers and mentors believe that they fall into this category and as a result feel helpless when facing a student who is technologically savvy. Older people are by their nature slower to change and adapt to new technology. As a result we feel that we cannot adequately communicate to those in our care when it comes to issues of technology.

Let’s B Safe works with parents, teachers and mentors to allay these fears. The one major advantage all adults have is experience, and this allied to their knowledge of those in their care, gives them a unique advantage when faced with technological issues. Let’s B Safe explores this with adults and advises on how to best deal with issues that arise as well as offering practical advice to adults on how to best assist those in their care.

We need not be alarmed by technology and Let’s B Safe will assist in reducing the affects of perceived technophobia.