Online Safety

In an ever-evolving cyber world online safety is paramount but as new frontiers appear our youth feel compelled to explore more and more. That they do so in many cases oblivious to danger is a huge cause for concern. In many cases children believe that when online they are anonymous. This is an untruth that needs to be addressed. As can be seen in the statistics stated on the right (ref: O’Neill, B. & Dinh, T. (2015). Net Children Go Mobile: Full findings from Ireland. Dublin: Dublin Institute of Technology.), the vast majority of Irish children have already identified themselves by name, photograph and the school they attend on Social Networking Sites (SNS). In doing so they are creating a digital diary which can have ramifications for them in later life, particularly in terms of employment prospects.


What do children share on social media?

What children say on social media

The use of Apps is another cause of concern. Our youth continue to use Apps in a reactive way completely unaware of the problems they create in doing so. As a result they often become cyberbullies or the victims of cyberbullying. They believe they need to be socially active online, which in turn results in higher rates of depression amongst our youth.

Let’ B Safe uses a novel way of addressing online safety which we call the "one second". This is proving to be extremely beneficial to students and parents alike.

Other items addressed by Let’s B Safe include False Profiles, post online rumours, posting offensive images, fraping, and password security and hacking. As new trends emerge these are dealt with also.

Let’s B safe will explore the online world with students, teachers, parents and carers and offer advice on how to remain safe online.