One of the newest forms of bulliyng and definitely a major problem for teaching staff, parents/carers the victim and ultimately for the perpetrators of such behaviour. Cyberbullying has the potential to destroy lives as unfortunately we have already discovered to our cost in this country. It challenges the demarcation line between teachers and parents/ carers as it can occur any various locations at any time and can often refer to incidents that may have originally occurred during school time but the comments made can be made from the sanctuary of a private property after school hours.

Cyberbullying often occurs through the use of Apps and commonly used websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Whats App and Snapchat and indeed through the use of Ghost Apps. The consequences of cyberbullying can be extremely serious and can lead to isolation, fear and ultimately self harm. In many cases the reactive nature of teenagers causes them to join the bullying of a victim unwittingly as they often see the postings being made as a joke and thus do not realise the harm they can cause by adding comments or simply by hitting a ‘like’ button.

One of the latest crazes we face is the issue of sexting. In 2011 it was almost unheard of but by 2015 up to 20% of teens admitted to sexting and anecdotal evidence suggests that this figure is increasing dramatically. Our teens need to be aware that it cannot be guaranteed that these photographs can't be obtained by third parties. There are also serious legal issues that our teens need to be made aware of. For example, sexting can have serious repercussions for our teens as once something is posted online it cannot be issues that must be discussed with our teens so that they understand the consequences of such actions.

Let’s B Safe also discusses issues such as password security, hacking, fraping, false profiles and displays how people can be profiled as a result of their behaviour using electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and online games. We discuss the dangers in using robotic sites and over advice to those who become the victims of cyber bullying.