About Let’s B safe

Let’s B Safe provides workshops to students on the areas of bullying, cyber bullying, and online safety

Let’s B Safe, founded by John Dwyer, is an organisation dedicated to dealing with problems of bullying, cyber bullying and online safety through delivering unique workshops.

John worked in An Garda Siochana until his retirement in 2013. During his period in An Garda Siochana John worked as a Detective and was involved in the investigations into organised criminal gangs. During his time in the force John gained a large amount of experience in dealing with subjects such as suicide, bullying and cyber bullying. John was involved in staff associations and represented his work colleagues and their families often through difficult situations. It was an easy decision upon retirement to further build on these talents and John has quickly established himself as an expert in the fields of bullying, cyber bullying and online safety. He has taken part in workshops throughout Ireland and receives consistently positive reviews. His deep understanding and knowledge of these subjects has resulted in media interviews, live shows and being requested to speak at forums on these subjects.

John's goal is simple:

To reduce the incidents of bullying and cyber bullying and to ensure that Irish people recognise the need to be safe online.

John intends to reach as many people as possible and understands that in order to achieve this, affordability is critical. To this end he intends to ensure that Let’s B Safe will always have a pricing structure that will be extremely competitive thus ensuring that even the most cash strapped schools and organisations can benefit from his interactive workshops.